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Changing Lives around the World through UNICEF:



One hundred percent of net profits from sales of photographs supports UNICEF's work to protect the world's vulnerable children. Every day, 29,000 CHILDREN under the age of 5 - approximately 20 CHILDREN PER MINUTE - die, mainly from preventable causes like diarrhoea, malaria, pneumonia, or illnesses like measles, malaria or tetanus.  A lack of safe water and sanitation, as well as malnutrition, contribute to half of all these deaths.

While the use of improved drinking water sources* has increased in all regions of the world in recent years, 663 million people still lack access. Nearly half of all people using unimproved drinking water sources live in sub-Saharan Africa and one fifth live in Southern Asia. Likewise, the use of improved sanitation facilities** has increased in all regions (except for Oceania), yet 2.4 billion people still lack access and rates of progress have varied widely. Rural populations lag behind urban populations in access to both improved drinking water sources and improved sanitation facilities. 

Sales of photos on the PAHW website support UNICEF's work to bring clean water to communities in over 100 countries around the world where a lack of improved water sources and sanitation prevent them from attaining the clean water they need. Each purchase on the PAHW website provides UNICEF with the support to purify 784 GALLONS OF WATER (by providing 784 water purification tablets, each of which can purify more than 1 gallon of water). 


Source: UNICEF

*An improved drinking water source is one that, by the nature of its construction, adequately protects the source from outside contamination, particularly fecal matter. Unimproved drinking water sources: Unprotected dug well, unprotected spring, cart with small tank/drum, tanker truck, bottled water.
**A sanitation facility is considered improved if it hygienically separates human excreta from human contact. Unimproved facilities include pit latrines without a slab or platform, hanging latrines and bucket latrines.

*Please note that UNICEF is not a participant in or formal sponsor of the Picture A Healthier World project.  Picture A Healthier World makes a tax-deductible contribution to UNICEF every quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) based on sales made in the previous quarter. UNICEF's water tablets "Inspired Gift" costs $127.40 to provide 20,000 water purification tablets. If PAHW's sales have not raised $127.40 or more within the quarter, PAHW will include the amount raised in the subsequent quarter’s contribution to UNICEF. $5 is donated from the sale of every item with the exception of individual greeting cards ($1 donated per sale).  PAHW incurs additional service costs for individual greeting card production, which reduces the amount PAHW is able to donate per card.  Please note that no money is donated for purchase with prints of frames and related materials, nor does PAHW incur any administrative costs.   Check out our FAQs for more information.

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