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General Policies
  • Posting your image: Your image will appear in the Global Gallery, on the country page where the photo was taken. 

  • Protecting your image: Right-clicking on an image in the Global Gallery does not show the standard browser popup that allows downloading of images; a product menu is displayed instead.  Dragging images from the Global Gallery onto computer desktops is also restricted. 

  • Copyrights: The artist retains full copyrights to his/her photograph.  Artists decide if they would like PAHW to sell their photograph in print and/or digital format.  If digital format is selected, the artist only gives PAHW a non-exclusive license to sub-license the image for one-time of unlimited use. Read more details in our Submission License Agreement.

  • Exclusivity: All images are sold on a non-exclusive basis, and all digital licenses issued by Picture A Healthier World are non-exclusive. After submitting images to PAHW, artists can continue to sell their images as they wish.

  • Selling your image: You can decide to sell your image on the Picture A Healthier World website in the following ways:

*Images for editorial use will NOT be sold in print format. Read more here about selling editorial images.*

  • Credits: You are fully credited for your work. You will be listed as the artist of your image on the PAHW website and anywhere else (ex. Facebook) we may post the image, and you will be credited for digital use of your image ("@Artist's Name, Image courtesy of www.pictureahealthierworld.org") if you decide to sell your image for digital use. On the submission form, you may list the way you would like your name to appear. "Picture A Healthier World" will be printed on the back of all prints (except for metallic prints sizes 8x10 and smaller).

  • Prices: If you would like to set your digital or print prices higher than the standard list prices on the site, you may indicate your preferred list price(s) in the "additional notes/specifications" box on the donation form. You may also indicate if you would like your image to be sold in certain sizes only (ex. 11x14). We will be sure to honor these specifications. Please note that 100% of net profits from sales of your picture will continue to be donated (the sale price less materials and services fees, taxes, and operating expenses), so by setting your prices higher, more money from each sale will be donated. 

  • Adjustments: PAHW generally will not alter your image before adding it to the Global Gallery (although each client who purchases the image in print format may color correct, color convert, or crop the image before ordering prints). Before submitting a photo, please make sure the brightness and highlights have been adjusted (if needed), and that it has been examined for blurriness and over-saturation, and adjusted accordingly. If you do not have editing software, we recommend downloading Picasa or Gimp for free.  On occasion, Picture A Healthier World may make color, cropping or other adjustments before posting an image to the site.  If you do not wish for us to do so, please indicate this in the "Additional Notes/Specifications" box on the form.

  • Accepting your photo: We are extremely grateful for your decision to take action by submitting a photo(s). If the image is accepted, it will appear in the Global Gallery within seven (7) days after it was submitted. Due to rigid technical standards, however, we regret that we are unable to post all donated images to PAHW's gallery. Reasons for not accepting an image include:

    • Image (or too much of the image) is out of focus. Please check your files for blurriness at 100% zoom before submitting them.

    • Image has too much noise (color speckles where there should be none). For example, you notice faint white speckles in an otherwise clear image. You may try to fix this before submitting an image by using noise-removal software.

    • Poor lighting, setup, contrast, or incorrect exposure.

    • Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as chromatic aberrations, lens fringing, or uneven sharpness in the focus area.

    • Poor composition.

    If your image is not posted to the
    Global Gallery within seven (7) business days, please try to correct any potential concerns (as listed above) and resubmit the image.

  • For your records: Immediately after you submit an image, we will email you a text copy of your completed photo submission form. Because we do not require you to create a personal login, please double check that your contact information on the submission form is accurate. Please also make sure that "info@pictureahealthierworld.org" is on your white list so that the email does not end up in your spam folder.

  • Removal from the website: You may request that we remove your image from the PAHW collection at any time. We will do our very best to remove the image within 24 hours of receiving the request, and will guarantee removal from our site within seven (7) business days of the request. Upon removal, Picture A Healthier World will no longer retain the non-exclusive license to sell or sublicense the image.

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